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Our team celebrated #juneteenth by making creole chilli! Keep reading to grab our recipe!

Creole Chilli

12 Servings/ 1hour prep time


  • 2c celery (medium dice)

  • 2c carrots (medium diced)

  • 4c yellow onions (medium diced)

  • 2c tomato paste

  • 1qt tomato sauce

  • ½ c chili paste

  • 1qt chicken stock

  • 3T oil

  • 1T paprika

  • 1T chili powder

  • 1T cayenne pepper

  • 2T fresh Parsley

  • 2T fresh thyme

  • S&P to taste


Sautee carrots in oil on medium heat until brown or golden on the outside. Then add the dial celery and onions and let Sautee until translucent. Add garlic to it and stir everything for 3 minutes. Add protein and stir until protein is fully cooked but still holding its shape. Add tomato paste then let come to a simmer. Add your seasonings then let simmer till your chili is nice and thick on consistency.

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