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Current Projects

Our purpose is to provide food and education resources to communities by inspiring individuals and families, trapped in food deserts, to invest their own culture/community, purchase fresh foods, and pursue flavorsome careers. We are concentrated on assisting at-risk populations trapped in food deserts. These communities suffer from a lack of access to fresh food, and many do not know how to prepare new meals in the most nutritious and cost-efficient ways for their families.

Cooking demonstrations

By focusing on bridged relationships between corporations and communities, our healthy cooking demonstrations feed and educate our most vital populations (corporate America and food insecure neighborhoods) in an effort to promote togetherness, productivity, and food awareness over the long term.



The CONSŪM Container market invests in urban farms to increase production and healthy food distribution capacity in Pittsburgh-area communities.


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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”           

Our Mission
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