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Meet The Team


Chef Carla El

Catering Specialist

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JoMar Davis

Cafe Supervisor, Eminent Cafe


Chef Claudy Pierre

President & CEO


Adero Harrison

Chief of Staff

Amelia Deacon Headshot.png

Amelia Deacon

Administrative Assistant


Naomi D. Ritter

Marketing & Art Director

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Marie Lucienne Dessources, Claudy Pierre's grandmother, was the inspiration behind the EAT Initiative, founded in 2015. In addition to teaching Pierre how to cook, she cultivated his commitment to quality food for all. It then became Chef Claudy's vision to use his skills to feed and sustain food insecure communities. In Pittsburgh and across the globe, The EAT Initiative has been focusing primarily on food education and cultural competency since. 

The four things that keep us up at night are family, food, finances, and the future. 

Pierre explains that the EAT Initiative's goal is to address all of these by focusing on food. A lack of access to fresh food has historically plagued food-insecure communities. Today, resources are scarce for these families and individuals, and this disparity deters families and individuals from preparing new meals in more nutritious and cost-efficient ways. Let's change this.

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