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The EAT Initiative was founded in 2015 in honor of Claudy’s grandmother, Marie Lucienne Dessources. She taught Claudy how to cook and cultivated his drive for quality food for all. Chef Claudy’s envisioned using his skills to help fed and sustain food insecure communities. Since then, EAT’s primary focus has been to inject cultural competency and food education into communities in Pittsburgh and around the world. The four things that keep us up at night are family, food, finances, and the future.


Our goal is to address all of these by focusing on food. Historically, food-insecure communities suffer from a lack of access to fresh food. Today, resources are scarce for these families and individuals, and this disparity deters families and individuals from preparing new meals in more nutritious and cost-efficient ways. Our goal is to change that.

Want more information? Download our Annual Impact Report Here.


Our Mission

To ensure that all of our food-insecure neighbors have access to fresh produce and healthy, sustainable food options, while also raising our communities’ awareness of up-to-date, culturally relevant, and holistic food practices.

Since 2015, we have worked towards these dual missions through meal and produce distribution, cooking demonstrations, and culinary and hospitality training, among other essential food-related activities.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A just food system for Pittsburgh, that counters systemic economic, racial and gender-based disparities. An equitable food system for Pittsburgh, where healthy, culturally-appropriate foods are accessible and affordable for all.


A sustainable food system for Pittsburgh, that operates with care for human beings, the environment, and the financial well-being of everyone throughout the system.

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